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October 2012 Newsletter

Brenda with Eri at the Mexican Dinner, Tokyo, Japan, September 2012
Brenda with Eri at the Mexican Dinner
(click for facebook photo album)

As you read this, I am just finishing up the third engagement of the Rawsome Creations Fall Tour here in Bali. As always, my impressions of Bali are so intense, it takes me awhile to process, and so look for my report in next month's news.

My annual visit to Tokyo is always a highlight of my year. After completion of basic (Level II) courses, my students create 50 original recipes to earn Japan Living Beauty Association certification as Raw Food Meisters with focuses in Chef and Patisserie. Students come from all across Japan and return home to teach their own classes.

A delicious plate of raw food, Japan, September 2012

This year, along with students from western Japan and the islands, there was one student from Sendai, the area devastated by last year's deadly earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident. In helping to rebuild her community she discovered yoga, and has grown her interest into a thriving business. Her discoveries led her to explore raw foods and the body/mind connection we have discussed so often in these pages, and that led her to the Japan Living Beauty Association's training program and to me. She vowed to learn all she can so she can bring it home and help her community heal.

Momoko making sure the plates are pretty, Japan, September 2012
Momoko making sure the
plates are pretty

The diligence and intensity of my Japanese students is inspiring. I'm blessed to be a part of their adventure and honored ever step of the way by their respect, creativity, honesty and presence. Especially fascinating is the way many of the students are incorporating traditional Japanese cuisine into their raw repertoire. At graduation, the students presented a spectacular celebration Kaiseki, a traditional multi-course dinner consisting of small, artistically arranged plates.

Green Smoothies, Japan, September 2012

While in Japan I couldn't resist planning a Rawsome Pilgrimage trip for 2013, beginning with a one week 'traditional Japan" visit to Kyoto -- a tea ceremony, Ikebana lessons, history talks and walks to historic sites, temples . . . and plenty of time for rest, relaxation, live food, friends, and personal reflection. And you won't be a bit surprised that here in Bali, I'm working on details for a 2013 Pilgrimage. If you are interested in information as the dates and trip comes together,

Visit our sister site:
be sure to check the Rawsome Pilgrimages site for details as they develop. Let me know if you're interested, and 'like' our fan page on Facebook for Rawsome Pilgrimages.

The Best Government Money Can Buy
Yes on Prop 37, the Right to Know Initiative

You knew it was coming: me urging you to enlist all your California friends to vote Yes on Prop 37, the Right to Know Initiative. If you live in California, I'm sure you're being bombarded with propaganda both for and against the initiative. For me, this campaign is symptomatic of what's wrong with the way money has come to dominate the best interests and welfare of the citizens.

Yes on Prop 37, the Right to Know Initiative

So let me shorten my monthly harangue drastically. Wherever you are in the US, be sure to vote on the first Tuesday in November. Vote with me against the domination of good sense by greed and self-interest. When you see campaigns that use fear to capture your vote, seek the truth behind the hype. (Here's the one that has me spitting nails today: the Anti-Prop-37 Greed-heads claim that honest labeling will cost the average Californian $400 a year. After all, we don't mind being lied to if we can get things cheap, right?)

'Nuff said. If you need more, I have posted a bunch of new links at the Rawsome Creations online resources list.

Also in October:
Raw Foods Chef Brenda Hinton joins the Pink Glove Dance in San Francisco.

October is a big deal for me: Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I'm getting a little weepy here remembering how important this is to me, so pardon me if I become a little incoherent.

Some of you may remember a couple years ago when I participated in the Pink Glove Dance at Chrissy Field in San Francisco. I loved the original PGD so when I found out they were making a sequel, I was there, pink shirt and all (that's me in the picture above the ribbon.) I still watch the videos from time to time, inspired and grateful for all those who helped me five years ago when I was diagnosed. Not something we plan for, but today, honestly, I wouldn't give up a moment of my journey, cancer diagnosis and all.

Each year a large manufacturer of medical supplies sponsors a contest for the best Pink Glove video. Winners earn substantial monetary awards for cancer organizations of their choice. This year more than 80,000 people are expected to star in their contest videos. Voting began Oct 12th. Here's the link to the PGD original, the sequel and this year's submissions (so far). Take a look. Vote early and often.

Food Day, an effort to improve school lunches, is October 24th
Food Day, an effort to improve school lunches, is October 24th

Sorry I missed telling you about World Vegetarian Day (Oct 6-7); in San Francisco the celebration coincided with the 40th anniversary of the World Vegetarian Congress happening there.

Food Day, Jamie Oliver's recurring effort to improve school lunches, is October 24th.

October is the third annual Non-GMO Month (created by the Non-GMO Project) -- what timing!

Recipe Tips

Wow, this year's growing season just keeps on -- loads of cucumbers, zucchinis, and now, tomatoes! Remember that special magic rock dust I used, it SO worked! I'll be using it again this next year. With the last of our summer harvest coming in, Mike and I have enjoyed some wonderful Mexican feasts. Remember: if you eat a rainbow every day, you will get plenty of good healthy nutrition without ever resorting to packages, cans, or supplements. I'm posting our favorite recipe for home-made Salsa to go with last month's Mexican Wraps. Give me a reason to enjoy avocados and I'm there, and so I'm posting my Guacamole recipe too. Add our raw version of Mexican Rice and you have the recipes for one of our favorite Autumn dinners, bursting with potassium (helps your blood sugar), lutein (for your eyes), phytonutrients, good fat and soluble fiber.

One More 'til November 6th

We are one month away from the historic California Right to Know vote. Remember to vote YES on 37 and lead the nation toward sensible labeling of our food.

Brenda in Bali, October 2012

I visited my Balinese friends at Bumi Sehat and Widya Guna to deliver the proceeds from the More Than a Nut Milk Bag project. This always gets me a bit weepy, too. Thank you to all of you who purchased bags this year. I am honored to help such worthy organizations and to enjoy some time with the mothers, babies, and orphans -- the reason I do what I do.

Thank you for reading. See you here next month. Until then, EAT YOUR VEGGIES!

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