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December 2010 Newsletter

Season's Greetings!
Are you busy with holiday preparations? Me too!

So, just a quick newsletter this month. I want to remind you that my More than a NUT MILK BAGs make GREAT stocking stuffers, and continue to be on sale, three for $25 at my website.

Rawsome Creations More than a NUT MILK BAG: 10 x 12 inch Nut Milk/Juicing/Sprouting Bag

We keep tweaking the label to include all the important things about our great little bag that you might not already know -- it comes with recipes and care instructions, and it's packaged in a re-usable bag to keep it pristine between uses.

We have also been engaged in an interesting conversation about our choice of nylon for our bags. We experimented with other, organic materials, and found that their porosity and willingness to accept stains disqualified cotton, hemp, and silk from consideration, because they would have been impossible to keep clean and odor- and taste-free. We chose nylon for its durability, flexibility and the fact that bags made with it can be kept sanitary. We conclude that in a few things, at least, we CAN live better through careful chemistry!

Bumi Sehat in Bali, Indonesia: Gentle Birth Heals Mother Earth
Bumi Sehat & Widya Guna

Maybe the most important thing for us is the way our More than a NUT MILK BAG gets made -- by loving hands in Bali, Indonesia -- and the way some of the proceeds from its sale get turned right around to benefit new Indonesian mothers and orphans. Since we couldn't make it to Bumi Sehat's "Spring Carnival High Tea" in Sydney, Australia -- southern hemisphere, remember, so it's going on Summer for that lot -- we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that "Gentle Birth Heals Mother Earth."

Raw Foods Chef Brenda Hinton makes a beautiful Persimmon Pie -- and with her recipe, so can you!
Persimmon Pie
New Recipes for Festive Meals

We posted a raft of updated and new recipes at the Rawsome website -- wouldn't the Persimmon Pie or Pumpkin Cheesecake go great after a holiday dinner? On the savory side, Corn Chowder, made with Almond Milk (using your new More than a NUT MILK BAG of course), is one of my all time favorite soups.


I'm laying low this month, entertaining family and making a holiday fuss around the homestead. I'm planning to resume my teaching and consulting activities enthusiastically -- and you know me; enthusiasm is my middle name -- in the New Year.


January 15, 2011
Raw Food for Real People
Santa Rosa Whole Foods (Coddingtown)
January 29, 2011
Raw Food for Real People
San Mateo Whole Foods
January 30, 2011
Raw Food for Real People
Napa Whole Foods

Enough for now. I just wanted to remind you that my More than a NUT MILK BAGs are great stocking stuffers. I send you best wishes for joyous holidays and a brave New Year! Oh, and remember: EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!


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