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June 2010 Newsletter

Have you ever traveled to a place when arriving you feel such an overwhelming sense of recognition and remembrance? A gentle feeling of "I'm home". Not in the traditional sense, you've left that physical home behind to get here, right here, right now, in an energetic sense. For me, that place is Bali.

Brenda with Ibu Robin at Bumi Sehat

Many of you know I've had a love affair with her long before we met in person and each time I visit she rises to meet me with a soft welcoming spirit I feel no other place. My trip this past month was filled with magic moments, every step as I let go and let the days flow from one to the other.

Balinese yoga, tea and meals with friends, traditional ceremony and celebrations, rice field hikes and long walks filled the moments. I did a little work and am thrilled to be invited back to teach on my next trip. And yes, I will return as often as I can. Next year, perhaps I will take some friends. Let me know if you'd like to come along and I'll share the Bali I've come to know and fall in love with. You'll never be the same, I promise.

Girls just want to have fun
Brenda and the little ones at Widya Guna

Nut Milk Bags

While in Bali last month I was so happy to visit with some of my suppliers for the nut milk bags. I met with Yudhi and Tilly and together we began working on the new outer packaging for the bags so they are more streamlined for the retail market. Click here for the More Than a Nut Milk Bag web page! Get yours now, and buy a couple for a friend, you'll save $5.00 ! and remember part of the purchase price is allocated as a gift to the Bumi Sehat birthing center and Yaysan Widya Guna orphanage in Bali.

The newsletter this month is filled with lots of information for the summer season ahead so you can stock up on the fresh fruits and veggies, a few links to some fun segments on the web, a restaurant review and of course my upcoming schedule.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy it and do let me know if you'd like to be on the mailing list for a future trip to Bali. I'd love to share with you.

Happy Fathers Day to the Dads out there

A special note: I just had to share the picture of the children celebrating. I'm behind the red pom pom, next to Putu, she's my email pal. Even if you can't see me, it doesn't matter, they were so excited and this picture just shows it all.


Oh my, I had the most amazing foodie experiences while in Bali. I’m often asked, "how do you stay raw when you travel?" I have a whole class devoted to just this subject. (Check my website's Events page.) I’ll be teaching it July 21st at Whole Foods Napa. Trying to solve this puzzle on upper Hanuman Street in Ubud, Bali, I discovered a wonderful new restaurant, Clear Café. A creative menu filled with fruit smoothies and green drinks, raw and energizing vegan entrees, salads, and desserts that would please everyone. The atmosphere is modern, open air, and inviting as you enter through a small garden and stone pathway taking you off the busy downtown street. Raw is going global ... but maybe not everywhere. I'm teaching my Raw on the Road class in July for those who want to keep their diets raw when they're on the go.



June 23, 2010
Dehydration Basics
    Whole Foods, Napa
6:00pm - 7:30pm
July 17, 2010
Intro to Raw and Living Foods
    Whole Foods, Napa
10:00am - 11:30am
July 21, 2010
Raw on the Road
    Whole Foods, Napa
6:00pm - 7:30pm

(see website for latest)


Summer is in full swing and if the sunshine holds out we'll have plenty of garden veggies to go around. If you haven't planted your garden yet, aren't sure what to plant this year or feel you don't have the space. Don't worry, that's no reason not to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies right at home. The season has begun for most all local farmers markets and you can find one near you by visiting

There is a lot in the press lately about the locavore and slow food movement. Ever wonder what's growing fresh in your neighborhood and where to go and get it? We're blessed here in Northern California to have a plethora of fresh, organic farms supplying our restaurants, grocery stores and community markets. Before going shopping check out this site and find out what is really fresh in your neighborhood. Purchase those veggies and fruits at the peak of their ripeness and nutrition. EAT LOCAL!


Remember this super lecture series happens every Monday night FREE at the Café Gratitude in Healdsburg. This month Shea is hosting John Kohler on June 26th with his chat about Growing your Greens. John will also update everyone on the Santa Rosa Raw Health Expo. Last year was the first ever and this year promises to be bigger and better.

Several of you joined me in April at MNL when the Krazy Kracker Lady, Abeba Wright was there. She was at it again recently and this time it was BIG, she appeared on Channel 7 - View from the Bay !! Click here for the show segment.

Kudos to Abeba, and all of us out there spreading the word about raw and living foods. Have you noticed, the word is getting louder !!


I've been wondering what happened to that awesome coconut water product called O.N.E. It seemed to disappear all of a sudden and I was told "we're out of stock" but no one could tell me when it was coming back. I really liked that particular packaged coconut water as it truly tasted closest to the real deal.

I've just read that the Pepsi Co. has bought them and closed the plant temporarily. They have begun repackaging and will bring the new product into stores nationwide soon. Let's hope it is still the real deal when it comes back. I hope so, it was the only one I really liked.

While we're talking about packaged coconut water – have you heard Madonna bought a large majority share of Viva Coco, one of the newer waters in the retail market.

You just never know who's behind your favorite beverage. So next time you want coconut water, come to one of my classes and learn how to open your own coconuts. You can have all the water you want, much cheaper and more healthy for you than these packaged versions.

Another well done video clip for you this month:
The Mouth Revolution

Remember to Eat your veggies !! and Live in AWE, eat RAW !!


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