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March 2010 Newsletter

Life is full and amazing things are happening each and every day.

A wonderful project is unfolding here in the Napa Valley and I'm so blessed to be a part of the magic. I was asked to join the advisory board for The Ceres Community Project, Napa Valley as their consulting chef. I am so excited about the project and all the possibilities. We've just begun to launch our program here's a little about what we're doing.

In a nutshell (and I'll give you a link to check out info) the Ceres Project Napa Valley is mirrored after a similar one in Sonoma County (our neighbor county; here's there website) We have gathered some teens who want to learn to cook healthy meals and one day a week we prepare meals for patients who are undergoing treatment for a debilitating disease (cancer, diabetes, liver transplant... etc etc - fill in the blank, there are so many that need filling !!).

As a cancer survivor I understand the energy involved in healing and the lack of interest and energy in food preparation for yourself and your family. Ceres Project matches willing teens and needy patients in a win/win opportunity to provide healthy food when they need it most. The kids are learning a 'forever skill', helping those in need and understanding the importance of healthy meals in the healing process.

We will implement a teaching component in the near future to help the patients learn to make the healthy meals for themselves when they return home or complete active treatment, and the kids will be making products to sell at our local farmers markets this summer.

Needless to say we're all excited; the magic keeps on happening everyday as we begin to share our project with our community. And we are so blessed with the generosity around us. We've had help applying for our first grant and should hear April 1st if our project has been accepted. We're working with local farmers and artisan producers who have overage of healthy meal components they wish to share. Local grocers are sharing their unused produce and local teens are involved in something they truly care about.

Stay tuned here and I'll keep you posted from time to time on what's happening with Ceres Project Napa Valley.

Thank you for reading my newsletter this month.


(Remember to go to the website - - to check on local potluck dates and times, and for potluck ideas if it's your first adventure with us).


One of my favorite 'movies that matter' out there now is "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" a great story of family farms here in America and how John worked to keep his going through some pretty tough times. It's a wonderful story with a happy ending. THANK YOU to whoever sent me this link to the full length film on the internet. (was it you Karen ??). Here's their website. Enjoy !!

After you've watched the movie and you'd like to find out more about your local CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) and a farmer near you who'll deliver weekly organic produce boxes to you and your family, Go to to locate a farm in your area.

Another source for Northern California is


I'm often being asked "Do you know where I can buy blah, blah, blah or Do you know anyone who might be selling an X,Y,Z ?" - and often I do or can direct the inquirer to the right spot.

I thought a new section in the newsletter might be helpful. A place to list those things for sale or those special items wanted and perhaps we can match people up.

If you have things for sale or are looking for something special let me know and I can list it here for you. Remember also to check Craig's list, eBay, your local health food store and others websites for great deals out there on some of our 'gotta haves' in our raw food kitchens.

Thanks again for reading, its such fun planning my newsletter and coming up with things I think will be helpful. Do let me know if you've any ideas for future ones. I appreciate your input and your energy. You are totally RAWsome !! Remember to

Eat your veggies !! and Live in AWE, eat RAW !!


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