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Spring 2015 Rawsome Newsletter

Squash plantlings at the farmers market in Mendocino (photo by Sienna M Potts)

It's late spring and that means time for planting our small but productive garden. Not being up for starting my plantings from seeds, Mike and I wait patiently for our local organic farmer to offer a wonderful variety of starts during the month of April. We have gradually learned to keep things simple, although it's still hard to rein in our strong urges to get too many plants to start our garden. One each of heirloom tomato, cherry tomato, zucchini, and cucumber are sufficient.

Mike is crazy about peppers, the hotter the better, so we usually have a half dozen pepper plants, mostly Padrones, his personal favorite. My favorite summer plantling is the Gold Rush Zucchini. I discovered this beauty a couple of years ago and love it. Hearty meaty gold in color with a thin sweet skin perfect for myriads of salads, noodles for pasta (this variety is the perfect color), zucchini basil soup, bread and muffins . . . you'll have to think of a lot more things than those because this plant just keeps on giving. In our house hummus is a favorite and I often make it with a secret ingredient -- zucchini. Who knew this little gem was so versatile. Here's the link for Zucchini Hummus -- enjoy!

My webster's August farmers market haul (photo by Sienna M Potts)

We are still gardening novices -- given the vagaries of weather, seasons, and plants, possibly one is always a novice gardener; one is certainly always learning! -- yet each year we get a little more adventurous. Last year Mike suggested we plant a pickling cucumber. Our first-ever batches of pickles were great BUT we had so many, we got tired of the pickling process. This year, we'll buy pickling cucumbers from a local farmer at the market. This experience reminded us again why we SO appreciate the effort required for successful farming bigger than the simple backyard plot. We love to support our local farmers while growing a few favorite things ourselves. We continue to get our weekly veggie box and through the years have learned to supplement what we don't find in our box from our own plot plus visits to the local farmers market, where new things are always appearing.

Ahh, the seasons of bounty return. Enjoy every minute of it!

Way to go, Vermont!
Label GMOs Ballot Initiative 2012:

Last time we looked, Monsanto and its axis of evil was trying to suborn the democratic process (again!) by throwing millions at courts and legislatures to try to get Truth in Labeling branded as a Communist plot.

It is with great joy that we announce this small bit of good news: a federal judge in Vermont struck a major blow to the junk food and gene giant industries by signaling that Vermont has a constitutional right to require labels on foods produced with genetic engineering. The report goes on to say that this is good news for Maine, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, where similar GMO labeling bills are working their way through the legislatures. Of course Monsanto persists in the halls of the federal government, trying to get an anti-states-rights bill passed making it a federal offense to tell consumers what they're eating.

Sad to think that New England is smarter than California on this issue. Maybe we'll do better in 2016. You can weigh in early on this important issue here:

I'm Famous (at least in the Yoga world)
Yoga by Candace
Yoga by Candace

Recently I was interviewed by the bloggers who work for Yoga By Candace as "This Week's Brand to Know" at the end of April. It's a good interview -- a bit of Rawsome Creations history, my love affair with Bali and the fair trade arrangement I have with my Balinese team, marriage and cancer. Here's a favorite bit:

I'm blessed to combine my true passions with my work. Each day I share the joy of plant based cuisine with my customers, I create products to help people heal and I give back to causes I believe in.
For me there is no separation between my work and other daily priorities. If I had to pick something I would say I love to walk, read and spend time with my animals. I rescue senior Golden Retrievers who are SO heart centered they remind me daily to lead with my heart, not my head, and for that I am grateful.

Read the interview here.

And So Are My Friends (in the New York Times)

WOO HOO and congratulations to Cambridge Naturals and Rainbow Blossom Natural Market for their story in the Nation's Newspaper of Record. They are both long time customers of ours and we couldn't be prouder. Thank you both for supporting our Rawsome Creations Nut Milk Bags through the years. Here's to second generation leaders. You RAWK !!!

We all love Amy

When I first became vegetarian back in the mid-90's meals from Amy's Kitchen were just becoming available in the freezer section of the local health food store. Not being a fan of frozen dinners when I was a kid, I didn't think much of these veggie options but knew they were there in a pinch. Fast forward to today: this rapidly expanding company has shown excellent timing in the context of today's plant based marketplace. It's shaking up the fast food industry with the first-ever organic vegetarian menu.

Set to open this month in Rohnert Park (next door to Sonoma State College in Northern California) they have been careful to keep costs affordable and the menu familiar. Burgers, fries, and milkshakes early testers report that there's no compromise with taste or quality. I expect this to be a healthy winner fast food drive through for the new generation of diners. If you try it, let us know what you think.

The Healthy Mind Cookbook by Rebecca Katz
Feeding your brain

I first met Rebecca Katz several years ago during my cancer journey. I often refer to her cookbooks, One Bite at a Time and The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, as I guided my diet toward health. Her newest book, The Healthy Mind Cookbook focuses on the food we eat and how well our brain functions. I expect to find a load of Rebecca's honest research and dozens of delicious recipes, so I was quick to send in my order. I admit I buy faster than I can read and this is one book I will not only read but play with in the kitchen.

PlantPure Nation film poster
Movies that matter

PlantPure Nation is coming to a city near you. Directed by Nelson Campbell, my hero Dr T Colin Campbell's son, this documentary explores the history, economics, and politics surrounding the plant-based diet, and the powerful forces trying to keep this important message from reaching the food-like substance-buying public.

Ask your doctor
The Plantrician Project

The chorus has gotten larger and louder with the plant based message, but those doctors willing to suggest a healthier lifestyle have been at a loss for resources to offer their patients. The Plantrician Project is ramping up online, promising to offer education and tools that savvy amateurs and health care professionals can use to explore the possibilities of plant-based health. The online cooking school, Rouxbe, offered by plant based chef educator Chad Sarno is partnering with the The Plantrician Project and is open to everyone.

My webster's May farmers market haul (photo by Sienna M Potts)

A special welcome to our new Rawsome Creations news subscribers. And for everyone, this is Farmers Market season. Support your local one. Know who grows your food. Hug a farmer. Invest in a transparent, honest, authentic, local agriculture, instead of the faceless, exploitive, untrustworthy, far-off "organic" agribiz that crams the shelves at the megamart.

Thank you for reading. Now I'm going back to the garden to plant those Gold Rush Zucchini starts!

Eat your veggies,

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