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2011 Newsletters

January 2011 Newsletter

New Year's Resolutions, Raw Vendor Fairs, Recipe: Creamy Broccoli Soup, BOOK REVIEW: The China Study, Forks Over Knives, Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Somehow, January has become the month when everyone thinks about health. As we launch into 2011 it seems everywhere you turn there's something about new diet raves . . . healthier choices . . . exercise machines sure to burn off unwanted calories. It happens every year. It's a part of our collective consciousness so I can't help but be swept up in the frenzy.

February 2011 Newsletter

International Raw Food Movement, JLBA Patisserie Second Course, Oprah In the News, Going Vegan, Organic vs Natural, JLBA Raw Food Adviser Manual, Dirt! The Movie, Konjac Noodles, Recipe: Raw Corn Chowder

Brenda teaching the first ever Raw Food Patisserie Level I graduating class from Japan Living Beauty Association.
Brenda teaching in Tokyo.

Don't think for a minute this raw food movement is something new, or only here in the United States, or just on America's right and left coasts. It grows every month, with chefs and home cooks creating raw food magic in so many ways right around the planet, and I am thrilled to be in on the ground floor of this international revolution.

March 2011 Newsletter

Napa Valley Marathon, Donna's Run, Food Politics, Low Hanging Fruit: Sweeteners, Recipe: Liquid Gold Low Fat Dressing, Ask your Doctor about MEAT, Plant Based Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell Foundation

Run, Brenda, Run
Brenda with friends ready to begin the run.
Brenda running on the beach -- loving it !!
Lovin' it !!

On Sunday, a beautiful rainy morning, I was out in my raingear and hat with my cowbell to cheer the 2,400 smiling runners in the Napa Valley Marathon. I now know firsthand how important the cheering squad is to those of us slogging along mile after mile of a distance run, and I wanted to show them I cared. I got high-fives, lots of smiles, and even two hugs. That was FUN !!

And now I'm pumped for another run.

It's been a month since I finished Donna's Run -- a half marathon, a mere 13.2 miles -- in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Oh my ! That was indeed one of the funnest weekends I've had in a long time.

April 2011 Newsletter

Earthquake in Japan, CNN Hero Robin Lim, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Ask your Doctor about Meat, PEEETS: Prioritize, Educate, Eat, Exercise, Take action, seek Self-mastery, Coconuts, Expo West, New Living Expo, Earth Day, Cafe Gratitude LA, Recipe: Coconut Lion

Thanks to everyone who asked about my Japanese friends. Their whole nation is undergoing an undeniably catastrophic experience, one that will have major effects on them for years and perhaps decades. I can't decide whether to be more heart-warmed by the character of the Japanese people or disappointed in the event coverage of US media outlets.

May 2011 Newsletter

Label Reading 101, Brenda's Bio, Freestone Fermentation Festival, Howard Station Cafe, Forks Over Knives, Food Links, Recipes: Green Smoothies & Seasoned Seeds

Label Reading 1a -- Surviving the Supermarket

This month, I've been working hard on an article entitled Label Reading 101 -- it's much too long and chunky for the newsletter, but it's posted on my website, and if the following paragraphs intrigue you, I invite you to read the whole article.

June 2011 Newsletter

Spring into Summer!, Robyn O'Brien: "How can a child have an allergy to food?", Frankenfoods in your pantry?, Food Fight, The World According to Monsanto, Just say NO to GMO!, "Transitional Organic", Recipe: Electro Lemon Aide

Spring into Summer!

It's gorgeous here in the upper Napa Valley. The grass is popping, the fruit trees are already weighted with young fruitlets, and I want to be outside. But I also have an exciting story to tell, and a new hero to introduce. So strap in for a whirlwind. . .

July 2011 Newsletter

International Raw Food Day, Hero Worship: John Robbins, Raw Health Expo, Links Library, The Greenhorns, Lydia's Café, Café Gratitude, Recipe: Coconut Yogurt

International Raw Food Day is Monday July 11th -- Go Raw for the day !!

Happy International Raw Food Day! All you have to do to take part is "go raw" for 24 hours -- and feel the difference. Give it the test: Can you really achieve dramatic results in just 24 hours?

August/September 2011 Newsletter

Travelling, JLBA Raw Sweets Contest, Touchdown Tokyo, Raw on the Road, The Milk Documentary -- Got (the facts on) Milk?, Forks over Knives, GREEN SMOOTHIE QUEEN'S TIP OF THE MONTH, Book Review: Becoming Raw, Chico Bags, YouBar, Recipe: Energy Cubes

I've always loved to travel. I think it began long before I could actually make my own choices and I would ride along on our long family car trips crisscrossing from one state to another for those holiday gatherings when the clan got together. As I grew older, whenever opportunities presented themselves I found my way traveling half way across the globe. As a teenager, I went to Yugoslavia -- not the usual choice for a young woman venturing out on her own. I love these adventures more and more, and intend to keep traveling and teaching as much as I can.

October 2011 Newsletter

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, World Vegetarian Day, World Food Day, Label GMO's, Aricles, The Last Heart Attack, Chico Bag, Green Polka Dot Box, Recipe: Fiery Lava Soup

Raw Foods Chef Brenda Hinton joins the Pink Glove Dance in San Francisco.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You may remember how excited I was last year when I participated in the latest "Pink Glove Dance" video. Since the original Pink Glove Dance for Breast Cancer Awareness video was made two years ago, it has been viewed over 3 million times on YouTube.

I'm still dancing (that's me in the pink shirt on the left above the ribbon)! I invite you to help me celebrate my long journey from diagnosis to five year survivor by clicking on these links and watching the videos. For each click, Medline donates to breast cancer research. Later this month, you can check back on their website to view submissions for the 2011 edition of The Pink Glove Dance.

November 2011 Newsletter

Holiday Greetings, CNN Hero Robin Lim, Stocking Stuffer Special, Go Shopping in your Garden, Tool Tips: Excalibur Dehydrators, Recipe: Rawsome Cranberry Relish, In the Garden

Premature Holiday Greetings!

I imagine your November calendar is full, like mine, with winter and holiday preparations thundering down upon us, plus all the things that must be done before the holidaze sets in. And Thanksgiving. I don't mean to start you singing holiday music yet!

December 2011 Newsletter

CNN Hero Robin Lim, Upcoming Classes, May I Be Frank, More Than a Nut Milk Bags, Recipe: Squash 'Rice' and Cranberry Salad

I'm still excited that CNN noticed one of my heroes, Ibu Robin, of Bumi Sehat Foundation, and has put her into a race with a group of other deserving leaders for their annual Top Ten Heroes for 2011. The voting continues for a few more days, and I urge you to vote early and vote often. (For details on how this voting works, please look at my Robin / Hero / CNN story in last month's newsletter.)

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