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Letter from Kumi Hachiya

Dear Brenda,

I sincerely would like to thank you for all what you did this time. I was so happy spending the last three days (five days actually including the other two workshops) with you. What you said to us yesterday (with tears in your eyes) sure made an impression on me. I believe people feel your deep affection to them. And it would help changing the world from now on.

To tell the truth, I didn't like your country nor people in your country that much, because Japan has been obeying the USA's directions since we lost the war. This has changed our food and culture completely. Our government got manipulated by lobbying activities and money, but not in the best interests of people's health or well-being. While this is really disgusting and sad for us Japanese, I had been wondering if it was all created by USA. Your talk yesterday showed me that Americans feel same anger and sadness we do. I think I'm lucky to get to see you. You erased all my bad images of America and Americans. I was so happy listening to your talk yesterday. I was touched and satisfied deeply.

I knew that the lady talking to us with tears you was a human who has the same feeling as we do. I didn't care about her nationality. I was just feeling "human" and "love" with you.

It was the first time for me, being filled with a feeling of oneness with foreigners that much. And amazingly, with an American. Again, I do appreciate you from my heart. I thank God for being able to feel your kindness and love through Raw Food.

We are connected now with each other for all time. Please remember the sky you see, the ground you stand on, and the air you breathe are connected to us and to all. Also, please remember about your children in Japan. I would like to repeat your phrase of "You are not alone" to you. You helped me learn and realize many things, including Raw Food, during these last several days. I hope you keep traveling around all over the world, just like the honeybee*, and share happiness with people. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Until then, I will keep studying English.

Thank you so much!
Kumi Hachiya
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