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About Brenda Hinton

Living Food Chef Brenda Hinton (photo by Becca)

Brenda came to living food preparation in response to a critical health threat, and attributes her recovery to careful nutrition. A life-long foodie, Brenda wanted to provide the best possible food to herself and her husband Mike, and so enrolled at Living Light Culinary Academy, where she studied until she was hired as an instructor. (Brenda doesn't do things halfway.) In addition to developing the tools marketed by Rawsome Creations, Brenda writes a monthly newsletter and consults with people who, like her, seek to keep their food as pure and unprocessed as possible.

Brenda is politically active in the movement to label GMOs and otherwise keep our food honest; she understands that this effort puts her, and her associates, in direct opposition to the mainstream diet of packaged food-like products. She walks her talk by maintaining a fruitful kitchen garden at her home at the Gatehouse in Saint Helena, California.

About Rawsome Creations

Boxes and boxes of More Than A Nut Milk Bags make Brenda Hinton very happy! (photo by Mike Hinton)
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We make tools for chefs in living and raw foods kitchens. Our focus on food preparation techniques that do not require cooking has led us to devise a number of special purpose tools that can be used in almost any kitchen, from home to restaurant production, but that are not common. Our lead product, the More than a Nut Milk Bag, is a durable, easily cleaned food-grade nylon net bag that facilitates the making of nut milks, juicing, sprouting, and innumerable other kitchen processes. All our products are meant to help chefs preserve the nutritional values of foods, so that those who eat get the full benefit of the care of those who grow.

Brenda Hinton, the owner of Rawsome Creations, takes great care and pride in the fact that our products are fair-trade manufactured, and those involved in the manufacturing enjoy a profit sharing plan. A percentage of every sale goes toward supporting Brenda's favorite charities in Bali, where most of our manufacturing takes place: Yayasan Widya Guna Orphanage for special needs children and Bumi Sehat Foundation birthing centers.

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